„With 85% of post-consumer textile waste ending up in landfill, extending a product's lifespan by just nine months can reduce its environmental impact by 30%, according to the WRAP Design for Longevity report.“


We need to use our garments longer.

To do this, we need to start at the very first step: Designing a piece that has value, consciously sourced from high-quality material with minimal impact of the planet. We need to design a useful product with timeless designs. But hey - it is fashion und and it undergoes constant development - we also get bored very easily and we change sizes.

Attāin Studios knows that.

In the coming years,  our plan is to set up a secondhand shop for Attāin Studios pieces. Then, you can send us your used garments and someone else is able to buy it here on the website.

We will also offer a Repair & Care service in the future, so that you can wear your favorite pieces longer.

We are also thinking about renting our items for a short period of time. Maybe you’ve joined a new  fitness group, need to catch up on a 30 days yoga challenge, or are planning a yoga retreat or sports holidays.

Tell us your NEEDS!
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