About Attāin Studios

Clothes don‘t 
change the 

The people who 
wear them 


Attāin Studios is a solution-oriented brand creating the next generation of sustainable activewear for all bodies. It was created with the goals to remain as transparent as possible and to make better with less, for a more respectful and sustainable future.

Transparency across the supply chain, innovative materials, and collaborations with environmental initiatives will be key, but you can’t expect an overnight transformation of the fashion industry. Attāin Studios will be about reducing emissions and preserving resources without sacrificing style and innovation for all body types.


Attāin Studios was birthed from passion and the painful truth that we have to make a change if we really care for our planet. For more than ten years, Ruth Sophie worked as a Senior Designer for Knitwear and Jersey for famous fashion companies. She has deep roots in hometown Munich, but „accidentally“ ended up in Hamburg. Therefore, combining Bavarian coziness with with nordic understatement seams to her like a perfect match. 

In her twenties she discovered yoga and spent most of her free time in the hot room. She is an LAAIC Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Teacher and learnt from the beautiful Talia Sutra and the amazing Tony Lupinacci as well as all of her other yoga teachers who accompanied her on this path.

Inspired by yoga as a living art form, her journey as a yoga practitioner and teacher evoked the drive to create something meaningful and impactful.

Seeing the alarming signs of the climate crisis while working in an industry that is responsible for 5% of the CO2 emissions worldwide, yet still focuses on green washing and green marketing was enough.

Her mission: creating sustainable activewear, with transparent pricing, accessible in every size.

Because the fashion industry ignores everyone above size 42 or XL.

She quit her job and founded Attāin Studios in 2021.

Attain Studios - Yogapose with advanced backbend