Transparency - on a mission to uncover all steps.

We are tired of not-knowing which factory made our stuff. Attāin Studios sees the importance of transparency and the need for a more holistic relationship between people and the planet. So we took special care about where we set up our production. We’ve been looking for small woman-owned businesses as well as textile factories which are GOTS certified. (You can learn more about it here: GOTS). We’ve been looking for  companies which limit CO2 emissions, use as little water as possible, and dye using environmentally-friendly methods. And we’ve been looking for companies that take care of their workers.

We found them and we won’t hide them.

You can click at „Sustainability Report“ on every item.

All our garments are produced in Portugal. Short distances speed up the whole process and reduce CO2 emissions. Portugal is a member of the EU and already has positive regulations of its own in place: they have employment protection, healthcare, ban child labor, and reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals in  all steps of production. Due to those reasons, Portugal is becoming more and more relevant in garment production again. They building on a firm knowledge and invest in future-orientated workmanships.


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